BUI Re-designation: Degradation of Aesthetics

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The Toronto and Region Remedial Action Plan (RAP) recently completed the assessment of the Degradation of Aesthetics Beneficial Use Impairment for the Area of Concern and is now ready to start the process of changing the status from impaired to not impaired.

Environmental Challenge:

The presence of substances in AOC waters that produce a persistent objectionable unnatural deposit, unnatural colour, objectionable odour, or unnatural turbidity (e.g., oil slick or surface scum).

Key Outcomes from the Assessment:

The aesthetics of watercourses and the waterfront in the AOC are primarily considered excellent or good. Over three years of aesthetics monitoring, 1667 samples collected from 320 sites throughout the Toronto and Region Area of Concern indicated that waters are free of any substance that produces a persistent objectionable deposit, unnatural colour or turbidity, or objectionable odour.

Recommended Status of the Beneficial Use:

Not Impaired

It is recommended that the Degradation of Aesthetics beneficial use be considered not impaired for the Toronto and Region Area of Concern.

We want to hear from you!

Public consultation is a vital part of the RAP process. This is your chance to have input into the decisions that will affect the future of the Toronto and Region Area of Concern. Comments on the assessment report can be submitted to Meg St John (mstjohn@trca.on.ca) until September 27, 2017.

Following the consultation period, the Toronto and Region RAP Steering Committee will seek federal and provincial endorsement to officially re-designate the beneficial use to not impaired.

 Download the Report